Homes Built to Fit Your Imagination

Talon Home Builders are your full service new home builders in Sarasota, Florida. We take pride in helping our customers design new one-of-a-kind homes that appeal to their unique personality and lifestyle.

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Designing Your Dream Home

Let Talon Home Builders make your dream of a luxurious home come true. Our team is dedicated to developing plans & building homes that surpass expectations and bring luxury living to life. With decades of experience in the home building industry, we create exquisite living spaces with intention for our clients - guaranteeing quality construction from start to finish.


New Luxury Homes in Sarasota

For the highest quality in luxury home building, look no further than our team of experts here in Sarasota, FL. We provide our clients with concierge service to ensure that your dream home is built with superior quality and exceptional style - creating an experience that exceeds your most imaginative expectations.

New Home Builders in Sarasota, FL

 Looking for new home builders in Sarasota, FL? Talon Home Builders offers Sarasota & Bradenton dream-builders the pinnacle of luxury home construction. Our team has decades of experience building in the local communities and is featured in Home & Design Magazine for our high-end new construction projects. Let us show you how to live life luxuriously with a custom built home today.
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Our Custom Home Building Process

A custom home building project can be an incredibly exciting experience, and Talon Home Builders strives to make it memorable from start to finish. It is important for us to earn our clients’ trust and form a relationship built on open communication. You may be wondering what you can expect when you’re looking for custom home builders in Sarasota.

We have provided you with a brief understanding of how we move through our process of turning dirt to dreams:

1. Getting to Know YOU

When you choose to work with new home builders such as Talon Home Builders, we look forward to guiding you through the new home building process. Our first communications and introductions with you will typically be over the phone or via email. This is where we’ll have the opportunity to learn about the vacant lot that you’ve recently purchased or the home that you’ve owned for years and are now ready to tear down and start fresh. Once we know more about the intricacies of your project, we get to determine if we are a good fit for each other. If so, we will continue the conversation with a meeting in our Sarasota office where we will get better acquainted and start discussing the goals of the project.

2. Goals of the Project 

Our main goal is to make your inspirations come to life. From the design wish-list that you provide us with, we build a strong comprehensive understanding of our project goals which will guide the shape and flow of your new house. By encouraging an open line of communication, we want you to understand all of your options when it comes to the structural design of your home. At this point we creatively gather information to produce a beautifully unique finish that will meet your specific needs.

3. Design Agreement

 During the design phase, we take into consideration the size, finish and budget of your home so that we can start bringing your custom home to life. Together with creative minds- we come together to form the framework of your home while providing you with feedback on every detail. We will talk about how furniture layout can affect a door swing or what the best use for each space is. Every Talon home is unique and one-of-a-kind, designed with each client’s specific needs in mind!

4. Building Your New Home

 We do our best to prepare the site so we can begin working on the foundation as soon as the necessary permits are issued. While the wheels are in motion to get your house started, we meet in our showroom to make the exterior & interior selections. We offer dozens of options for each finish of the home and if there is something special that you want to incorporate into the project we are happy to find it in the local & international market-places. We will schedule meetings to review landscape plans, pool packages, and several other important scopes of work to be sure you get an opportunity to understand all of the options available to you. We make sure to keep you informed about the progress of your home with emails & pictures on a regular basis. We do our very best to keep the job moving swiftly and keep a tight schedule to get you moved into your new home in a timely manner with zero defect at closing!

Live Life Luxuriously With Talon Home Builders

At Talon Home Builders, we are committed to giving each of our clients an amazing home building experience. We have no doubt that when you are living in your new home you will be glad that you chose Talon for your project. We love turning dirt to dreams– please let us know if we can help with your next new construction home in Sarasota or Bradenton Florida. If you are seeking out experienced new home builders in Sarasota, FL, contact us today!